Stop Binding Your Children at the Altar

Shawn and Glennys Hyland   -  
Abraham’s obedience to put his son Isaac on the altar (known theologically as “The Binding”) at Mount Moriah has left many inspired, speechless and confused. How could Abraham sacrifice his son? Why would God command such an evil and cruel test of faith?

From this narrative, God reveals Himself to be holy. In context, Abraham did not recognize the ram in the bush representing the promised Messiah. He did not know his submission to God’s instruction would be the act that would prove his faith, that previously accredited righteousness to him. This is what he knew – God will not allow Isaac to die. He knew Elohim was different from the pagan gods of Mesopotamia. Those false gods demanded child sacrifice as an act of worship. God was revealing to Abraham – I AM not like those gods.

In ancient times, it was expected of parents to sacrifice their children for the glory of Molech, Ashtoreth, and others.

How many modern Christians sacrifice their children to protect God’s reputation, despite His clear will that He opposes such acts?  We prefer not to challenge school districts, state legislators, and local media when the sexual revolution demands more victims! We prefer to send our children to schools that present false assumptions, shelter students from the historical and cultural norm of God’s existence, and strongly promote sexual experimentation and moral relativism.

  • Our children’s conscience and clarity– we bind at the altar.
  • Our children’s purity and privacy – we bind at the altar.
  • Our children’s innocence and integrity – we bind at the altar.

God will never ask you to sacrifice your child’s dignity and self-respect to make His name more liked by a world that is in constant rebellion against Him. Yet, many Christian parents in their effort to avoid conflict are sacrificing their children. God has revealed His nature. He wants us to unbind our children from the altar of political correctness.

How do we accomplish it?

  1. Consider enrolling your child in a private Christian school. Instead of spending thousands on products, services and experiences – invest it in your child’s Christian development. Often, we finance cars and college tuition but not Christ-centered education. I’m not encouraging debt, only questioning our budgeting decisions.
  2. If you cannot afford Christian education (after cutting expenses and applying for financial aid), then your options are limited to homeschool or public school. Be ready to stand for your children, not sacrifice them, in the public-school arena.