Why the Pilgrims knew a Generation would Reject Liberty without a Revolution

Shawn and Glennys Hyland   -  

The Pilgrims were Puritans who gave up hope in purifying the Church of England. King James, the head of the Church, was worse than his predecessor. Martin Luther caused a Reformation, but the Pilgrim Puritans longed for a separation. Faith should come from the heart not dictated from the King. Faith should be genuine and spirit-led, not formal and restricted. True Christianity was a work of the heart.

The Puritans were the culture shakers and pioneers of their day. The pastor did not wear a robe but dressed as the common man, as many do today. Music was welcomed into their worship service, which was not allowed for the first 100 years of the Reformation. Above all, bible studies were encouraged and facilitated by groups of people to learn the truth of scripture outside of church walls. Minus the skinny jeans, and light displays in some modern worship circles, the Puritans paved the way for a less formal religion and stressed a more personal religion.

Additionally, they gave us the secret of success in building a free nation that upholds the cause of Liberty. It is time tested and well proven: Faith + Morality + Law + Education = Liberty. 

Faith in God gives us wisdom to live as independent citizens and a shared social responsibility required in the new world. Furthermore, God gives us moral objective standards to live by in His word. As people develop this internal moral guide that supersedes mere conscience, they create God-honoring laws to govern their new land. This faith in God, moral truth, and righteous laws are passed on to the next generation to maintain the liberty the previous generation prayed for, believed for, worked for, and fought for. Evidence of this Pilgrim plan can be found in the largest granite statue in America – The National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, MA. Faith is the center. Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty are its four columns.

If your plan rooted in atheism, humanism, and post-modernism is to take away liberty and replace it with global tyranny, it’s simple:

  • Attack the Christian Faith intellectually and historically (started 1920’s).
  • People will leave the faith and in the process cast off their moral restraints (started 1960’s).
  • Leaders elected in this moral relative climate will emerge and change traditional laws (started 1970’s).
  • To impose and implement these laws, public education must become the indoctrination center for each generation. Historical revisionism, sex education, evolutionary ethics and world view assumptions have been promoted heavily in the past 30 years.
  • The result: Liberty is rejected by the people without a revolution! If Karl Marx was just patient!

Over 50% of Millennials prefer a Communist/Socialist state instead of free a democratic state as the U.S. This is exactly 100 years after the first Communist government (1917 Bolshevik Revolution) and after the 150 million deaths Communism caused in the 20th century.

I document the people, the process and the plan to remove Religion and Morality from America and replace it with a secular global world where government is god in the book UNDIVIDED

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, remember the Pilgrims. Bad characters and evil businessmen were on those ships too. There is cruelty and shame in how these brutal selfish men mistreated and abused the Native American population. The Pilgrims wanted a land where they could preach Christ to the Indians and live by faith free from the King.

May we return to their hope of liberty through the principles they left us:
Faith in God + Biblical Morality + Righteous Law + Family Education = Liberty