Journalistic obsession with Biblical sexuality must end

Shawn and Glennys Hyland   -  

The journalistic obsession with Biblical sexuality must end. The decision of Vice President Mike Pence’s wife Karen to return to a teaching position at Immanuel Christian School is non-controversial. The criticism by some in the media is blatant secular cultural chauvinism. The vast majority of people around the globe continue to hold the Biblical and historical view of marriage – a lifelong covenant relationship between two unrelated adults of the opposite sex. Therefore, many nations are refusing to accept new Western values. They reject not the idea of freedom and democracy but the self-righteous attitude of cultural colonialism. In other words, Americans forcing their moral revolution on the world. Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religions should be allowed to disagree with moral progressivism without public shaming, including people of faith inside of America’s borders.

Immanuel Christian School’s code of conduct, specifically pertaining to Biblical sexual ethics for students and teachers, has been standard Christian morality for two thousand years. These moral guidelines extend well beyond same-sex relationships, proving that these requirements for employment are general in nature. Furthermore, this private school is completely within its religious constitutional rights as an organization to require appropriate sexual relationships in agreement with their statement of faith. It is no coincidence that the day this story was first reported, Jan 16, is also known as National Religious Freedom Day — an annual recognition of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

The complexity and beauty of the American experience is the ability for diverse opinions to equally exist without fear of retribution.  What is alarming and of most concern is the agitative headlines driving a wedge between Americans as it tears at the social contract that binds us together as E pluribus unum – Out of many, one.