Biblical Belief Center

About the App

The Biblical Belief Center is a Christian Apologetics and World View education app from Move the Earth – a ministry that exists to reverse the trend of Biblical unbelief. In this app, you will view short videos that teach you how to defend the basic core beliefs of the Christian faith and compare a Biblical World View to the popular secular views prevalent in a post-truth culture.

There is original content from Move the Earth and links to other videos from apologists across the internet. Six Main Topics are covered: World View and Apologetic Challenges, God is the Creator and is sovereign over His creation, The Bible is 100% true and its moral teachings apply today, the devil is real and not merely a symbol of evil, man is sinful and saved by grace, and Jesus is the sinless Savior, the Son of God. These essential truths gives us a complete, consistent, and coherent world view. In addition, sermons from Shawn Hyland of Move the Earth and more educational tools are available on the app.


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