Undivided Book

About the book

The world is not the same today as it was 40 years ago. Neither will it be the same in 40 more years as we find it today. Humanism has become the unofficial belief system of our country. The Christian world view has steadily declined over the past three generations. Lawlessness is crippling our nation, many have left the faith, and a great delusion has led our culture astray. The Church’s response has been timid as our voice is shamed, scorned, and silenced.

A house divided cannot stand (Mark 3:25). UNDIVIDED is a visionary proclamation for the Church to have a greater sense of urgency and the spirit of unity to reverse these negative trends. Filled with compelling research and bold assessments, Shawn Hyland vividly describes the overall agenda of the unbiblical world views that influence and shape our modern, post-Christian, and secular world. With an uncompromising, prophetic call to action, he challenges the Church to stand as an undivided, holy nation centered around 5 Core Beliefs and our shared, collective identity.


Len Deo, President of the New Jersey Family Policy Council

“Shawn Hyland’s treatise of the ill’s facing our culture, how we got here and what we can do about it is worth the read. Ultimately, there are movements in place that are of Biblical proportion and UNDIVIDED boldy states the case that those who care about the things of God, cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch the Christian World View decline. Our faith must be participative in all sectors of the culture.”

Pastor Bill Meyer, Alive Again Alliance

“Shawn’s book is well researched and well documented He describes how we are seeing the decline of the Christian influence as a prophetic voice in our society through the growing acceptance of various anti-christian philosophies in our culture. If you have been discouraged by the ongoing reports of Christian defeat and call for cultural compromise, I encourage you to read UNDIVIDED as a model for how to stand with the brothers and sisters in your community to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Drew Overgard, Cedar Run Assembly of God

“Shawn’s teaching is perceptive and insightful. He has an astute comprehension of scripture, history, and social issues that he is able to explain clearly and concisely. Shawn has a gift of being able to not only explain the truth of scripture, but to impart the burden that the Lord has laid on his heart to others. Shawn has sounded a rallying cry for the church that we all need to heed.”

Pastor Roger Brotherton, Ocean Christian Community Church

“A new apologist has arrived just in time. Shawn’s masterly handling of history, statistics and scripture still reads like a story. A story of what the Lord can still do in the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’.