About the book

An obedient life experience following the voice of God.

On a plane leaving Honduras soon to arrive in America, Glennys Hyland a single mom with two children immigrating to a new land, heard God say “tell everyone that you know that I AM real”. This book documents the real and vulnerable experiences of a woman’s daily walk with the Lord, and how God can be real to you in life’s most challenging times.

Through detailed recollections of the unexpected and disappointing seasons of life, Glennys will share with you her real life experiences of dealing with a spirit of fear, the sudden loss of loved ones, the scars of rejection as a result of wounded relationships, the financial weight of homelessness, and the fight to overcome sickness. In the midst of this, you will hear of the true encounters she had with God and the practical instructions He gave her to live life in complete surrender to Him. Her obedience resulted in constant interventions of God’s supernatural provision, healing for her soul, a strong and healthy marriage, and countless souls converted to Christ.

God is real and He wants to be real to you.