Let's get Real with Glennys Hyland

A platform for women to share their real life experiences to encourage others.

Real Issues. Real Experiences. Real God!

Real Life experience: Looking for LOVE in the wrong places!

A christian woman looking for love in all the wrong places. She tried sex, alcohol, and drugs, but nothing filled her. One day, after many struggles, she had an encounter with real love - Jesus Christ.

A Real Life Experience! I lead, You follow

A story of a woman who died on the operating table and had a conversation with Jesus. He told her to go back and teach his people to dance in intimacy with him by following two simple steps: I lead and you follow.

Give God the first priority in your life!

Women sharing their stories of before and after they put God FIRST in their lives.

Real Life Experience - The Gospel Changed My Life Forever!

She was broken. She was a product of her environment - brokenness, chaos, trauma. At the age of thirteen she was having sex, drinking, and smoking. She hit her darkest lowest point at 18 and visited the bars almost seven days of the week, until a lady at the bar shared her faith and invited her to church.